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Rick Holland- Impact Bible conference session 1

June 3, 2009

Impact Bible Conference 2009,
@ Riverbend Bible Church, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Session 1: Rick Holland – Executive and College Pastor of Grace Community Church, Los Angeles.

“A re-introduction to the Apostle Peter”
1: Peter 1:1

Rick begins with a story of his first time in NZ, 20 years ago where he went parasailing with Donald Stevenson and Russel Hohneck (current Riverbend pastors) at Kiwi Ranch. Rick wound up being the test dummy and found himself at the end of 200metres/660ft of rope, instead of the prescribed 50. The instruction manual had been left on shore and Rick stayed airborne till he nearly got hypothermia while they got him down sans life-jacket in the middle of a lake. Instead of being given a towel to warm up, the pastors laughed and took his photo!

Rick calls for honesty in spiritual maturity, saying we need to not live like maturity is “on or off”, but acknowledge the reality of struggling.
Of all the biblical characters, Rick identifies most with Peter. Peter was radically transformed by saving grace.
He had a given name ‘Simon’, and was renamed by Jesus.
His name is mentioned 160 time in Scripture.

So just who was Peter?

1.Peter was a regular man.
Matthew 4:18-22
He was a blue collar fisherman from an unremarkable place- Galilee.
He was not chosen as a disciple due to a towering intellect or some other attraction, this was all of grace.

2.Peter was a Christ-exalting man
Matthew 16:13-20, specifically v16
“Peter was often running his mouth with his brain in neutral”
Rick calls people to see Christ as Peter saw him in this text, rightfully.

3.Peter was a fallible man
Matthew 6:21-33
Peter’s leadership got him in trouble. When Peter “took Jesus aside” it was if he grabbed him by the collar and told him how ridiculous his words were.
Jesus did not thank Peter for his concern and care, instead sharply rebuking him as in Gethsemane.
“Get behind me Satan”- Peter felt the rebuke of Jesus.
Peter’s theology had holes. Paul rebukes Peter for oppressing Gentiles in Galatians.
Peter was definitely not a good candidate for Pope!

4.Peter was an arrogant man
Matthew 26:30-35
Peter says that “ALL will fall away,” except himself.
Then Peter falls asleep and can’t event stay awake and pray despite his overconfidence.
Rick admonishes all not to become overconfident and proud, instead realising life is all of grace.

5.Peter was a passionate man
John 18:1-11 specifically vv10-11
Peter put a sword where his mouth was.
Peter was passionate and was ready to fight for the kingdom. But fighting would not pay for sins (v11).

6.Peter was a broken man
Matthew 26:69-75
Peter denied overtly, we can also deny covertly.
“But do we weep bitterly when we deny Christ is our Lord?”
Peter needed specific encouragement in seeing the resurrection, as he was broken.

7.Peter was a restored man
John 21:15-19
His restoration matched his denial, 3 times from Christ.
In writing 1 and 2 Peter, he did what he was commanded to do by Christ, to feed the sheep.
Peter experienced many highs and lows, and in 1 Peter he shows that he believes the Christian life was one completely of grace.

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  1. William permalink
    June 3, 2009 5:36 am

    The benefit of well-written notes! Peter is a hero of the faith many of us can identify with, it’s so true.

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